Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did not do it in kindergarten..........

A colleague is getting wedded very soon (God give peace) and he broadcast an SOS message asking for lines to be put on his personal invitation card.

Out jumped the rhymer in me
and this is what I gave him, you see..

Unknown to each other, up we grew,
But a great story, God decided to brew,
With a click of his fingers, he united us two
And we came together before we even knew!

Now we embark on a journey new,
And exchange vows and say, "I do"
But this occasion of wonderful hue
Will be incomplete without you...

With great pride and pleasure immense,To
the occasion of our Wedding we invite you
So Please join us with blessings true,
And bring along your family too.

Romantic? Foolish? Who knows?

Use these lines in case you need,
Cheesy though they be, indeed,
But to the author pay a little heed,
and the child in me, please do feed...



  1. Yes it is rhyming [:)] nice one .

  2. I'm totally plagiarizing here but...Anup's a poet and we didn't even know it! :)

    Nice one...

  3. ;)
    u writing a poem..m not surprised:)
    for a marriage..more than surprised:))!!!

  4. Good work Anup. I'll definitely use this. But find me the girl... :-)

  5. I was among the privileged few to read this first! Didn't know it was on your blog too :-)