Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All is well

No, I shan't (the first word that Dudley learnt, remember it reading it one November afternoon 10 years back) give a review of 3 idiots.

But truly, All is really well!

Here I am, sitting blogging at home, mom and dad sleeping peacefully in the next room, brother doing really well at his work (he's not at home, rather, 2000 km away, but doing well nonetheless).

I got a pair of wonderful grandparents, well into their 7th decade of partnership. Yes, you heard it right. They are still going strong, god willing, for decades more to come. Love, Sacrifice, Patience - I am astonished to see these and other qualities in them, till date.

I have friends who will do almost anything for me.

I have brilliant plans with my life. No, I do not mind not earning megabucks, so if I don't end up doing that, I wont be "terribly" disappointed. Hopefully.

My "Does it even remotely look like I care" attitude has served me well in the past. I have shrugged away fights, failed love and foolish mistakes with remarkable ease.

I can hit sixes at will in cricket. Well, almost.

I get enough attention from women to keep my ego well oiled.

I am not in the best of shapes, but am still in that stage when I can get back to any shape Id want to!

There are many things that do make me cry. Thankfully, movies and books make up the most of them.

Not that there aren't problems, mistakes and fears, but looking around, they aren't big deal! Really!

Things will change, sooner or later, for the worse or for the better, but right now, All is really well!

Thank you, God, Energy, Luck, Sub-conscious or a surge or serotonin, call it what you want!

Let the festivities continue!


  1. pretty positive.. i like it..I like it !!!

  2. Hi I couldnt get ur comments on me in pixie tales Look boy it was my opinion but the writer didnt like it.
    I just went thru your post and I like it.I have to read all your posts but I liked ur writing simple and sweet.Keep it up.I will follow your posts.I am not good at writing ,but I like to raed them.
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    All the best to you God bless you